V4L Technologies Ltd.

V4L Technology Brings On-Site Fluid and Particulate
Condition Monitoring into the 21st Century

V4L is a world leader in wear debris particle analysis R&D and has devised a best practise, interactive wear debris evaluation training program compliant with the ASTM D7684-11 Standard Guide for Analysing In-Service Lubricants. The software has a knowledge base derived from the collection and expert analysis of thousands of wear debris particle images and represents the combined expertise of several engineers and analysts each with decades of hands-on experience. 

pdf How V4L CADET works
pdf V4L CADET Brochure

V4L CADET - a rapid, positive learning experience to quickly bring maintenance professionals up to speed with wear debris particle classification. Users interactively follow through, step-by-step, the activities undertaken by the expert and at each stage  are automatically supplied with supportive expert-guidance notes. Training is completed in just 20 hours interaction with the unique V4L CADET software. Once training is complete the software continues to act as an essential on-site particle analysis support and reference resource.  

The V4L CADET Program offers training and acts as an essential on-site particle analysis support and reference resource in:

  •  The classes of wear and contaminant particles in the ASTM D7684-11 Standard Guide.
  • The wear and contamination situations that commonly occur in engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. 
  • How examination of the wear and contaminant particles can reveal machine faults.
  • The way in which appropriate and timely corrective action can prevent faults escalating into failures.